3 Benefits of Microblading Eyebrows

As a child, you probably had no idea how much you would come to value your eyebrows as an adult. It’s rare that you come across a person with a set of perfectly full, symmetrical, meticulously groomed natural eyebrows. More often than not, if you come across someone who fits that description it is likely they had some cosmetic work done to achieve those results or are extremely lucky.

Waxing is the typical go-to treatment for eyebrow upkeep among women nowadays. Though waxing is effective in getting the desired results, if one were to calculate the amount of money, they spend per year having their eyebrows waxed regularly, they would find that they are spending a couple hundred dollars per year for regular upkeep. Just like with your money, you’re spending an awful lot of unnecessary time on your eyebrows if you get them waxed regularly, or even take a set of tweezers to them at home a couple times a week. Not to mention all of that extra pain and discomfort you’re putting yourself through on a regular basis.

Or you could be on the other end of the spectrum and waxing or plucking are your worst nightmare. Reason being that your eyebrows have become so incredibly thin due to years of waxing or over plucking. Microblading eyebrows may be the answer to all of your eyebrow prayers if this is the case. Give yourself a beautiful set of natural-looking eyebrows that will look perfect day after day for years to come. 

Microblading offers solutions to all of these problems maintaining gorgeous, natural-looking eyebrows on a daily basis. Microblading your eyebrows will save you time and money in the long run, among many other great benefits.

Microblading Eyebrows: The Benefits

You Will Save Time During Your Morning Routine:

As mentioned previously, the results of microblading can last up to two years’ time. Imagine going from getting your eyebrows waxed every 3-4 weeks, to once every couple of years. Not only will microblading save you time, by keeping you out of the salon for waxing on a regular basis, consider all of the time you will save in front of the mirror each morning when doing your make up. Depending on your particular morning makeup routine, you could be saving up to an extra 10 minute each day if your eyebrows are already perfect every day. 

Microblading Eyebrows: Is Worth It to Your Wallet?:

 Consider more than just the cost of waxing your eyebrows every month or so. You’re probably also spending extra cash on eyebrow powders and pencils on a regular basis as well. Once you’ve had your eyebrows micro bladed you can say goodbye to all of these extra costs. Microblading definitely isn’t inexpensive as it is a luxury service, but it is a wise investment to make in yourself. The beautiful results of microblading can last for up to two years, so imagine you’ll make all that money back when you stop spending all of that extra money on waxing and makeup products for your eyebrows. 

Less Pain in the Long Run

Getting your eyebrows waxed, even if you’ve been doing it for years and years, isn’t a painless procedure. Neither is taking a set of tweezers to them regularly. That’s a pain you put yourself through on a very frequent basis for the sake of beauty. A pain that can be completely avoided by getting your eyebrows micro bladed. 

The process of microblading eyebrows is an art. The procedure, although not painless, is very tolerable. At most facilities that offer microblading, you will find that they use topical anesthetic to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Microblading provides instant results with zero to no after effects to deal with. You will have a 7 day healing period just after your microblading appointment with easy to follow after-care instructions, but what’s 7 days when compared to perfectly shaped eyebrows?

Microblading Your Eyebrows Can Be Your Solution

Don’t let your ever-thinning eyebrows be the reason you spend hundreds of dollars on make-up to fill them in day after day. You don’t have to feel like you’ve lost all chance of having perfectly shaped and filled eyebrows. Taking away precious minutes and hours from your life, that you could be used for something so much more worth your time. Let go the weight you hold from regretting the obsessive tweezing habits that you had as a teenager that led to your current state of incredibly thin and uneven eyebrows. You don’t have to feel like you’ve lost all chance of having perfectly shaped and filled eyebrows, because microblading holds a wonderful solution for you! 


Effortless Beauty, Without the Everyday Effort