Down To The Tee, Your Wedding Details

Weddings represent some of the most significant life changes we experience as adults. They signify, in a day, the experience of passing on from a world of one to a life of two. (Or more! Families are a wonderful thing.) Your decisions are no longer exclusively yours to make, as they have the potential to impact another person’s life.

 While that seems daunting at times, it’s exciting to share your day to day with another person! There is a deep joy that comes with a spouse teasing you in the grocery store, or holding your hand as you’re walking, or snuggling on the couch, and choosing to just sleep there, because it’s your home, and you can do as you please. There are breathtaking moments where their wedding ring catches the light, and you’re reminded that they chose you. 

But in order to arrive at that happily ever after, you first have to start with a wedding day. Here are five of our best tips to help your special day run as smoothly as possible.

  1. Pick Your Priorities

Your wedding day will be absolutely filled to the brim with wonderful moments and wonderful people, and it will be so much, you won’t remember it all. Not to say that you won’t remember anything, but out of an entire day filled with family and excitement and marriage, you’re likely to remember some passing highlights and miss a lot.

This is why it’s so vital to choose your top moments and spend more of your energy on those. Do you have a specific song that means a lot to you and your relationship? Is it best to fit that song into the ceremony, or dance to it later? Do you have strong opinions about sharing cake, or first dance, or how your photos turn out or enjoying a meal? It’s perfectly okay to say that your biggest priorities are taking some time after the ceremony, getting a few photos during the sunset, and enjoying a meal together. If the rest of the wedding traditions aren’t as important to you, then let them go!

You don’t have to abandon those concepts entirely, but they’re great things to discuss with your future spouse. Many couples have weddings which forgo speeches, or dancing, or dinner entirely, opting for an earlier ceremony. The journey to this day should be a joint effort when possible, and it’s so helpful to learn what is important to your partner, too. Perhaps a first dance is of bigger importance than photos, or they have strong opinions about the cake or the decor; use this chance to work together!

2. Delegate Tasks

This cannot be shared enough: You cannot do this wedding alone.

This does not mean you are required to pay for a wedding planner, but utilize the people in your life who love you, and ask them to help make this day a success.

Weddings, when organized properly, juggle a delicate balance of planning and day-of communication. Where are opportunities to delegate a task to a close friend or family member? If you do have a wedding planner, they can help coordinate a lot of these activities, but many people are opting for more of a day-of coordinator, who can be a point person as things come up, which they inevitably will. This can be a close friend who organizes events for work or a series of people who can each be focused on specific tasks and communicate with one another. Let other people with consistent access to their cell phones be a point of contact with the caterer, florist, baker, DJ or band, whomever and however. Remember your priorities as you go into the big day, and let those experiences be your focus.

3. Plan Your Services

There are few things more overwhelming than having something go wrong or not look the way you want, with no time to make any changes. Once you’ve set a date for your wedding, begin thinking ahead to the way you want to look, andlike shopping for a wedding dress, begin to gather inspiration. It’s a great time to think about things like permanent makeup, or microblading for your brows. Many of us are still recovering from years fashionable over-plucking, and are content to fill in brows on a day to day basis. But are looking for a better long term solution than using powder to fill in patchy brows, this is a great time to look into a better solution. Schedule a microblading appointment, or perhaps a lash appointment (or both) early enough in your wedding planning process, so that you can see what you like, and allow your body to heal. Eyebrows, in particular, are so important when it comes to framing the face, and are among the features which will forever be preserved in wedding photos.

Likewise, if you plan on getting a spray tan before your ceremony, start the process as early as possible. Different shades and strengths might flatter you better than the other, and this presents a perfect opportunity to try on different shades of fabric, especially if you’re wearing a dress. A silvery-white might work with your current complexion, but with the addition of a tan, might look rather dull. Take advantage of the time you have, and be strategic.

If you aren’t already using some of the services, start by searching through Google, with “Microblading in New Jersey,” “Permanent makeup Bergen County,” or wherever you might be. Compare those results with Yelp reviews, and visit websites to see what packages are available which could best suit your timeframe. Bring inspiration photos to these appointments, by collecting looks you like on a wedding Pinterest board.

4. Trial Run When Possible

In addition to being strategic with services and when they are scheduled, do a trial run of your day-of looks whenever possible!

As you collect inspiration for hairstyles, wear your hair in (roughly) that style for other events, and ask for photos to be taken of you, at different angles. This is an excellent time to see if an updo fits your face shape, or if keeping your hair down looks better. 

Your wedding day should not be the first time you wear your chosen wedding shoes! If possible, wear them to another event where you’ll spend a lot of time on your feet, or likewise wear them around the house periodically. If you find that your shoes are dreadfully uncomfortable, it’s a good time to come up with a plan B, which could mean changing the shoes to a different pair or adding an additional style later on during the festivities. It’s also important to try the shoes with your dress, experiencing how you will walk with the height and additional fabric.

There are few things more overwhelming than having your wedding makeup done and hating the way you look later. Wear the same colors, shades, and brands to ensure your face responds to them well, and that they are flattering altogether. Take pictures in a variety of lighting styles, and even (if you can) trial your complete look. You might find that the eyeshadow you’ve chosen is too much, or that you really wish you had a different accessory. Planning ahead can help with confidence leading up to the bigger moments. It’s doubly important to run these makeup trials after a tan, or when microblading is completed. The more confident you are in the balance of your look, the better your pictures will turn out, and the less you’ll need to worry.

5. Remember What’s Important

Weddings are fantastic. But they are also one event, taking up a few hours of a long life ahead. Things will go wrong, mixups will happen, but at the end of the day, the highlight should be that you got married! You had the chance to commit to another person, surrounded by family and friends who care for you, and are looking forward to this next season in your life. Some of the happiest moments have come from everything falling apart, redirecting anguish to laughter. Life is funny! The wrong songs will play! Focusing on the positives of the day and letting go of the rest will result in a more peaceful, joyful wedding, as you celebrate the dawn of something new.

Dance with your friends until you can’t move anymore, sneak out after cake and change into something comfier! Skip out entirely, and waltz away with your new spouse to take a quiet night alone! Drink, or don’t drink! It’s your day, it’s your celebration, and your responsibility to enjoy it however you can.

Congratulations! Enjoy your special day.


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