Wondering About Microblading Prices?

Here at Casa De Piel, our goal is not to make you more beautiful. You are already beautiful! But if adding a little extra color or definition to certain features makes you feel more beautiful, that’s just what we would like to do for you. We are here to simply add a more permanent, defined touch to certain features that you already touch up on a daily basis. Features such as your eyebrows, eyes, and lips.  
How much does it cost to add these more semi-permanent touch-ups; you may be wondering? With us, you will encounter pricing that matches the quality of service that we provide. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see our microblading prices
Our eyebrow services, such as microblading and Ombre’/powder service, range from $500-$600. $500 for either service alone, or for a combination of both it is only $100 more. All of these services include touch-ups. For those seeking a bold brow look that stands out from the rest, our Ombre/Powder eyebrow service is the way to go. On the other hand, if you are looking for more of a very natural look, our microblading service is the one for you. 

Our Microblading Prices Include Touch-Ups

Don’t let the powder or microblading prices intimidate you. Keep in mind that these services include any needed touch-ups. Consider, not only the money you’ll be saving on eyebrow makeup. But also, all of the time spent in front of the mirror trying to get your left eyebrow to perfectly match the right one. 
You may already have your natural eyebrows under control and well managed, but still feel as though your eyes need a little something more. We have a lash enhancement service for just $350, including touch-ups of course. Our baby liner service also pairs nicely with our lash enhancement service. For $400 we can add a subtle, semi-permanent eyeliner to your eyes to bring out the natural contour and color of your eyes.
If a bolder look is more your style, our designer eyeliner might be the right route for you. We will apply a precision, semi-permanent eyeliner that will give your eyes a well-defined look with a bit of a thicker line than our baby liner service as well as a well-defined wing. This look gives a more definitive yet natural look to your eyes. 
Last, but not least, add a little color and definition to your lips to complete the look. If you want to stay simple, consider our lip line and blend. With this simple service, we will softly line your lips, giving them a more defined and voluptuous look. Without the appearance of any harsh lines. Just for $450, which includes touch-ups.
Our lip blush service is another amazing lip defining service that we offer. We can give your lips a fresh, healthy look with our soft filling that matches your lips natural tone, just for $600. That’s money and time saved on lip products and time spent reapplying lipstick in the middle of a big event. 

There’s A Lot To Consider When Shopping Microblading Prices

For someone who is new to the world of semi-permanent makeup enhancements, they may be taken back by the prices. Let our work speak for itself. We will provide a top-quality service that is worth every penny. You can stop worrying about needing to go out and buy makeup and taking the time to apply it every single day. Come in and let us help you save time and money, as well as enhance your true beauty.


Effortless Beauty, Without the Everyday Effort